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Talk to the quarrymaster, who says she'd love to help since you helped her family in Chahbek, but harpies are currently ruining her life. Well, we have other things to do in Cliffs of Dohjok, so it's not too out of our way. Just to the right of the res shrine you'll find that scholar we're supposed to help from earlier, and Dunkoro. Talk to Zerai, who seems to be having chick problems. I'm not sure what the big problem is; he's already wanting to give her a big bouquet of a dozen flowers. Although from the looks of him he wouldn't be that great in a fight... Talk to Dunkoro next cause he's a monk and that's helpful while we're out here. Head west along the rock wall, but keep your eye out for patrolling corsairs. Two groups tend to wander around near here. At the back of the area you'll find a corsair boss and two cronies. Killing the boss causes him to drop Shatam's shipment. From here, head southwest to find some beautiful ibogas. Careful, cause they're lv 10 mesmers. There's a second group nearby. Continue southwest and soon you'll pass a building to your north. Next to this building (on the west side) is an NPC with a Master difficulty quest. Do not take this quest until you are around lv 12 or so, because Master difficulty is called that for a reason. I'm just letting you know it is there since we'll come back and do it later. From this NPC head north to find another group of beautiful ibogas. Back at the NPC, go directly west and you'll start seeing harpies. Fledglings are your priority targets cause they are healers. Careful though, cause some of these harpies are lv 12 for whatever reason ^o__o^;; Go left through the rocks and then right to find a res shrine that offers a bounty on harpies, and is near the last group of ibogas that you will need for Zerai's quest. Once you have 12 blossoms he will say those are enough. Well, we still have to murder some harpies, so he can wait. Fortunately, nothing bothers to attack him so it's totally fine if he tags along. Just SW of this shrine are Hamar and his diggers. Talk to him to acquire yet another army of NPCs. Alright, well, basically we have to clear the entire quarry of harpies, so just go ahead and follow the starbursts as they appear. Fortunately, none of these are lv 12. Yaaaaaay. Remember that your priority target is any fledgling you see (they have four legs instead of two so they are easy to spot). OK, well, after the first mob of harpies you'll see what Dunkoro's schtick is: he likes to give advise. Sometimes obvious advise is obvious, but sometimes he's actually helpful. After the third group (when Dunkoro offers his second installment of his harpy documentary) go left instead of south where the starburst tells you cause this other group is closer. Now go ahead and kill the last group and the quest is done. Make your way back up to the shrine that had the harpy bounty and go west from there. Soon enough you'll reach Jokanur Diggings on your right. Wait for Zerai to go in through the portal first, otherwise the game might not update his quest properly, then go in yourself.

Quests: The Honourable General, To Dye For, Skale and Magic Compass, A Loose Cannon OR A Peaceful Solution, Voices in the Night, A Father's Fate, Secret Passage, Catch of the Day, Skree Hatchling Season, Quarry Quandry, Diamond in the Rough, Queen of the Quarry, Signs and Portents, The Cult of the Stone Face, Stone-Faced Orders

Talk to Midauha, who turns out to reciprocate Zerai's feelings. Hurray? But the guy left so... oh well. Further north is Digmaster Gatah, who tells you that Dunkoro is to work with you from now on. He also informs you that other random people have decided that you need to fight some dudes to show off the Sunspears' strength. Well that's nice. What is this, ancient Rome? Well, they won't let you fight anybody til you're lv 12 so... *looks at skill bar* ... level 7 huh... ummmmm... *checks Sunspear rank* 217 SS pts... well, we need 300 to bypass this lv 12 nonsense, so let's go get those points! Zone back to Kamadan, give Shatam his stuff, and Barlom (near Shatam) now has a quest for you. Also, now that we have two heroes we can get Command Training done, so put both Koss and Dunkoro into your party, give Drunky over there some skills, then talk to Binah to get into the fields. Give Drunky mostly healing skills and maybe two smiting and two prot skills, if you have them. If not, just keep the bar he currently has. Tactician Haj is in the middle of the area, where the catapults were during the Chahbek Village mission. This quest exists only to tell you about the flag system, which we went over already. If you have more questions about heroes, his other conversation topics will probably answer them. Go ahead and start the quest when you're ready. You get teleported onto a pillar. If you look around, you'll see a red flag on the field to your right, a blue one to the left of that, and another red one to the left of that. These are areas three, one, and two, in that order. Haj requires you to "capture" area one, so use the left-most flag to move all of your heroes together to area one (remember, you can place the flag on the field or on your compass and it will still work). Place the flag next to the blue flag and the bar for Area One will start to fill up. When it is full, Haj tells you to capture the other two areas, but notice that some skale have spawned. Two skale move to each of the remaining two areas. If your heroes are high level enough (maybe 9-10 or so) you can flag one to each area and capture them that way, but they are probably still around lv 6 or 7 so flag them together. Once the enemies at that area are dead, the bar starts to go down and then fill back up with blue. When it is blue and full again, go ahead and capture the last area. Once the last area's bar is full and blue, Haj will have you return your heroes to area one (where he is), although sometimes he won't actually say it. When your heroes return to Area One, you are released from your pillar prison, and can go pick up whatever loot the skale dropped. Head back to Dehvad here in the fields to get your quest reward. Map back to Jokanur and go outside into Zehlon Reach.

Go west from the shrine right outside and down into the water. Right at the water's edge you'll find a swamp flower for your To Dye For quest. Continue NE and you'll soon see some pillars coming up on your left. Go north through those pillars (careful, there's a lv 13 enemy here with smiting skills) until you see a res shrine on your right. Next to the shrine is Lieutenant Murunda, who requires your assistance in locating some engineer guy. Keep going north to find a little town of sorts. Go to the west side of the town and some NPCs will start shouting at eachother. After the shouting match, both NPCs will have quests for you but you can only do one or the other. Once you accept one, the other quest marker disappears. Basically, Shaudok's quest involves beating people up, and Kohanu is more interested in talking those same people down. Pick your poison (and talk to Shaudok again if you sided with Kohanu), then go north and turn right at the res shrine. The Elder has a Master quest for you, but it's still doable at lv 8 or so. Go southeast out of the village and around this giant hill til you find the Engineer guy. Apparently some skale developed pika and ate his compass. Go north back into the village and start killing Hungry Skale on the east side of the village. Be careful, as some hidden corsairs pop up near the dead bodies on an island (two grey dots on your compass). After the last, northmost group of skale is dead, go east across the little bridge there to find Sinni, who has a quest for you. Due south of her some more hungry skale have spawned, including the fierce skale that ate the Engineer's compass. Be careful, as the fierce skale is a lv 14 ele. Pick up the compass, then go east past a bunch of boats til you get to the pier, then go north on the pier. So we're here for that Shaudok vs Kohanu quest that you had to choose one or the other. I'll list both here.

A Loose Cannon: After some more shouting, the three NPCs become hostile (Dashon runs to the back so hunt down his cowardly butt and beat him up). Once all three NPCs have been given a sound thrashing, Dashon agrees to lower the prices and Shaudok gives you your reward.
A Peaceful Solution: The merchant doesn't believe that you're just here to talk and sics his two guards on you, but isn't hostile himself. Once you beat up the two guards, Shaudok and the merchant come to a compromise. You can hand the quest back in to Kohanu when we come back to the village shortly.

Continue east from here past some skale (lv 11 blighters are your priority targets here) and some corsairs, and soon you'll see the Evil Mime up ahead. First, clear out all the skale nearby before you aggro the mime, as he is lv 24. Make sure everyone in your party is at 100% HP and energy, then go attack the mime. If you get Backfire cast on you, do not cast any spells as it will hurt. Same thing for his elite, Visions of Regret. If you watch out for these two skills, then he is not very difficult at all (I did it with my ele at lv 8, Koss at 8, Drunky at 7, and the lv 9 earth hench). After he is dead, activate the three jars to release the voices. From here, head south-ish along the water until you see a boat for some reason. Left of this boat-for-no-reason is Hatuk, but you'll need to clear out all these annoying enemies first in order to talk to him. In any group of bugs, grub lances are your priority targets. When you get close enough, Hatuk starts pssssssst-ing at you. Apparently, in order to become a man he has to kill a giant flower, but he's too weak to do so. Well fine, who am I to determine what makes a man manly. The giant flower of DOOM is SW of you, but clear out some of the enemies around it first (it is not part of a mob) to make things easier. The flower is only lv 10, so after the Evil Mime he should be cake ^<__<^;; He's still an ele though, just fyi. After it is dead, get your reward from Hatuk, who basically tells you to gtfo. YEAH, YOU'RE WELCOME YOU UNGRATEFUL DICK. ^=__=^;; North from the douchebag is another Master quest, this time to save the universe from a man-eating... keyboard smash. *thumbs up* Continue north (be careful of some mandragor popups, cause the lv 13 eles really hurt) and when you hit the water go directly west and return the compass to the Engineer. Continue west to hand in your quest to Lt. Murunda, then go a bit south of the res shrine and activate the Ancient Remains. This spawns a lv 15 djinn (dervish, melee attacker) but she's not very difficult. Go north back into the village and hand in your quests to the Elder and Sinni. East of Sinni is the lv 17 maneater. He's actually easier than the djinn (i.e., does less dmg), but his healing skills make him last longer. Either way, it's an easy quest, so go south and hand the quest in to the fisherman.

Return to Kam and hand in your dye quest, then map to Champion's Dawn as there are three new quests here. Mofuun wants you to kill harpies so they stop crapping on his statues, the Quarrymaster informs you that now the quarry is infested with mandragor instead of harpies, and Dajwa had the terrible idea of baking a ring into a pie so he could propose to his girlfriend. Cause she totally wouldn't choke on it and die, right. Well, fortunately for whatever unlucky girl this mental midget has his eye on, a harpy ate the pie, but now we gotta go find this harpy and disembowel it. Awesome! Well, let's get to it. Talk to the world's worst boyfriend evAr, then go left and around to find... the corpse of a harpy. See, I told you it was a terrible idea. Well, apparently the ring isn't here, so head north then southwest, murdering harpies as you go. Careful though, as lv 12 harpy mothers will spawn as you kill the hatchlings. After all the hatchlings are dead, head north to the signposts for Champ's Dawn and the Harbour and go left from them. At the end of the incline is a harpy nest, so check it for the ring. The rest of the nests are along this ledge here, so just keep searching til you find it. After you find it, he thanks you and calls his love a beast. ^<__<^ Worst. Boyfriend. In the Universe. *thumbs up* Hang a left after the last harpy nest and go down to the water, then go right along the coast. When you reach the quarry, continue west along the coast, then north when you hit the wall. If you run to the res shrine you should be able to avoid most of the corsairs. Just north of the shrine is the miner guy, who starts moving as soon as you talk to him. There's only one group of mandragors for this quest, so it's not terribly difficult. Target the stoneflesh mandragors as top priority targets, keep the miner alive, then talk to him after the single group is dead. He still doesn't want to work, so return to Champ's Dawn to let the Quarrymaster know. She gives you another quest afterwards. Hand in your other quest to Mofuun while you're here, then map to Jokanur since it's closest to the quarry. Look, I know the game is telling you to find the Sunspear squad, but we don't need them. Plus, this way is faster. Head SE until you see a sign for Blacktide Den, then head east to arrive where you met Hamar before. Go down the same way as the first time when you were killing harpies, and when you get down into the quarry head to the res shrine again and you'll soon see the Mandragor Queen and her mob. Remember to kill the stoneflesh ones first, then pummel the queen to death cause she's a necro and will be hitting your party hard. After the mob is dead map back to Champ's Dawn and grab your reward. By now you should have reached r4 SS (First Spear), so go back to Runduk for your attribute points, then map to the Astralarium and head out into Zehlon Reach. *Note: By this time you have probably reached lv 10 which, if you have GW:EN installed, will open up the GW:EN travel quest for your char in Kamadan. Talk to Bendah to acquire it. As this is a Nightfall walkthrough I won't go into any other GW:EN stuff here, but there is a short walkthrough for this travel quest in the FAQ linked at the top of the page. ALSO, at level 10 you can talk to that robot I mentioned on the first page of this walkthrough (just outside of Kam in Plains of Jarin) if you have all three campaigns installed. Make sure you have space in your inventory for the book he gives you, which you can then immediately stuff into your storage box cause you won't need it right now. This also gets you a lv 20 dervish hero but I'm going to treat this walkthrough like M.O.X. doesn't exist cause using a lv 20 hero at lv 10 is kinda super-cheating. When you open the book and press Enter Mission you'll be transported somewhere else and acquire a quest but I'm not gonna go over that here cause it doesn't have much of anything to do with the Nightfall campaign.

When you load, take a look to your left using the left Alt key and notice the five Kournan guards down below. They all have the same name but one of them is going to be a monk, and yeah, these are the guys you will be fighting. So when the fight starts find the monk and take him out first (usually the one furthest from you when the battle starts). Oh, and another thing, as this is a "demonstration," nobody actually dies so if you're expecting to raise minions to help you either go find other stuff to kill first or take the minions off your bar. OK, when you're ready head towards Varesh and Morgahn to get insulted by her. Meh. Talk to Morgahn to find out that Varesh is verrrrrrrrrrry interested in seeing just how skilled you are at combat. That's not sketchy at all. ^<__<^;; Tell Morgahn when you're ready, and go beat up some Kournans. The game treats this "demonstration" like a PvP battle, counting the number of "deaths" per team. Look, I've never lost anybody on my team during this so I don't know if they actually die or just tag out like the Kournans do, but these chumps are easy so you should win easily. Once they are all tagged out, talk to Morgahn who congratulates you heartily. Varesh could learn a few lessons on not being a total dick from this guy. Re-enter the Astralarium and get your reward from the Emissary. He also informs you that some unknown party has been asking around about something that one of Varesh's generals is incredibly interested in. Some sort of "celestial event" (whatever that means) called Nightfall. Leave and re-enter the Astralarium and find Kihawa in the side of town closest to Plains of Jarin. Seems her husband has been brainwashed by some sort of cult. Go out into Zehlon Reach and speak to the Emissary just outside (remember, you need Koss for this). He tells you that he actually knows who the "unknown party" asking about Nightfall is: a friend of Koss, and a Kournan, named Melonni. Go west-ish across the water towards where you fought the flower of DOOM before, then go NW towards where the fisherman with the Master quest was. The cult and Kihawa's husband are here, so talk to Tahon, who seems to be the Jim Jones of Istan. Um... wait. Let me get this straight. They're worshipping... this giant stone face? Really? OKwhatevercrazyface. Go back the way you came, then go right. Both the corsairs and Melonhead are down by the water. If you get close enough, she yells out to you, and Koss starts hitting on her. ^<__<^;; This apparently pisses her off, cause when you aggro the corsairs she absolutely refuses to help you. ^<________<^;; Thanks a lot, Koss. Once they are dead, continue to ignore Melonni and head back to the cultists. Tahon now wants you to outlast a giant mob of skales. Talk to him again when you're ready to face the assault. Once they are dead, speak to Tahon again to get your reward and another quest. If you've been looking at the quest rewards in the quest descriptions, he's offering things like eternal glory or transcendant wisdom or whatever. These don't actually exist, in case you were wondering. :op EVEN HIS QUEST REWARDS ARE LIES (well, except for the EXP). Talk to Miresh, then you can talk to Melonni finally to continue your primary. She seems to claim that Varesh is threatening her country. But... Melonni is from Kourna... and Varesh... is the leader of Kourna... well, let's get to the bottom of this, shall we? But first... a word with Koss. For reasons.

Well that didn't clear anything up! Also, we've been teleported back to where we first found Melonhead, which is good cause it's closer to where we need to go from here. Travel west towards the entrance to Jokanur. When you get close enough, Kormir comes running out and wants you to look at this wall she's staring at. Apparently a wall made of migraines and nightmares. I guess a mesmer made it. ^<__<^;; I'm gonna blame a mesmer for those bodies too.

Quests: Anger of the Stone Face
Required hero: Melonhead, The Spazz

Mission map is here. Talk to the Digmaster, who says that the entire excavation team is dead, but that some other random team barged in and Kormir's gone after them. First we're gonna get that cult quest done real quick. Head out into the cliffs from this outpost and then head east along the rock wall (grab the harpy bounty along the way) until you find Miresh. He doesn't seem very sure about all this, but is still determined to see it through. Go SW, beat up the harpies, then check the nest and talk to Miresh. He seems to be even more disillusioned about his crazy cult, and decides he's going to leave it and return to his wife. The catch is that he doesn't want to tell Tahon personally cause he's scary, so it's up to us to deliver the news. Go through the portal near where you found Miresh and head NW until you find Tahon. Talk to him and he seems to think Miresh leaving is all your fault instead of, you know, cause Tahon is a nutcase worshipping a statue. He and his four cultists immediately become hostile. Map back to the Astralarium to get your reward from Kihawa, then map back to Jokanur, put Melonhead into your party, and talk to Digmaster Gatah to begin the mission.

Kormir is just in front of you, next to another crazy purple body. Go right from her and north across a bridge, then go right through an archway, as Kormir tells you that she's sure that the source of this purple insanity must be in the ruins. Follow the path and continue west past the irrelevant res shrine (remember, these things don't work within missions) and you'll soon find a large building with a ghost guarding the entrance. The ghost tells you to gtfo but the power of Kormir's bitchiness opens the door regardless. But wait, STOP HERE. You might have noticed the ground shaking. If you look inside the building after the door opens, you'll soon see why: there's a giant... bell or something falling down from the ceiling. If you are under this thing when it hits (and there are several in this mission) it will kill you. And I mean like, one shot and you're dead kill you. Also, if you hold down your left Ctrl key you'll see an enemy name come up: Darehk the Quick. Now, the ghost should've told you this but in order to get from one area to the next you have to pass a test of sorts. In this area, your test is to "catch" Darehk. But if you couldn't tell from his name, he takes off running as soon as you get close. There are also traps and enemies that he runs by that are only hostile to you. ALSO one more thing: I know enemies in this game aren't supposed to respawn, but the undead in this mission do for whatever stupid reason. Fine! First things first. Get up close to the falling rock (about two squares of the floor away from the blasted ground it falls on) and wait for it to come down. As soon as it's down start running into it so that as soon as it goes up you're already starting to go under it. Flag your heroes on this side of the bell away from the blast zone so they don't run off or get stuck under the bell. As soon as you do this, Darehk takes off and Kormir threatens him. The first trap is next to the first mob of enemies, and these traps do various things, like cause confusion or set you on fire, so leave your party where you parked them and pull the group to them, away from the trap. Ignore Darehk forever until all the enemies in this area are dead cause he doesn't stop if you hit him, he just keeps running. Attack the next undead, and go to his corner to fight him as the traps can't reach. Go down the steps to the south and the trap here is pretty unavoidable. Just kill the undead quickly, then stay at the base of the stairs and wait for Darehk to come down the other set of stairs. Start hitting him when he's near the bottom of the other stairs and he should die pretty quickly before he can run off. Pick up the tablet and put it on the stone pedestal near your current position. As soon as you do, the door opens and the game informs you that the bonus is to not harm any Sunspear ghosts. They are all in the next area and are hostile, so make sure none of your heroes are set to Fight in their mini-bars. There's also another stone falling straight ahead. The best thing to do is to run past the stone just like last time but go left immediately and park your party on top of the enemy group to the left of the first skeleton. This should make the skeleton come to you and not aggro the ghost (there are also various flame traps around here so be careful). Once the mob is dead, leave your party here and grab the stone tablet near the first skeleton after the fire dies down and run back to your party. Kormir always follows you so make sure the Ghostly Sunspear nearby doesn't aggro cause she will kill him dead cause she's bitchy like that. Turn to the west and you'll see another flame trap and another lone skeleton. Flag your party onto that skeleton after the fire dies down, and leave them there. There's a staircase south of you, and some stone pedestals south of that. DO NOT put the first tablet on the pedestal yet cause if you leave them there long enough they reset back to their original position. Instead, either keep carrying the one you currently have (if you have more than one human player in your party), or drop it on the floor near the pedestal. Take your party north and park them to the left of the first pillar you get to. Have someone pull the mob in front of you back to the party. They should be within reach of ranged weapons without you being in the path of the fire, which is fun cause then you can pull them while the fire is active and it hurts them. :oD Leave your party here and have someone fast and durable run north past the next mob and grab the tablet then run back. Even casters can do this but best to not take any chances if you don't have to. Once you have the second tablet go back down to the pedestals. You don't need to put both tablets on at the same time, just before they respawn to their original locations, so if you're the only sentient person in your party you can still do this. Put both tablets on their pedestals to complete the second trial.

Continue south down another set of stairs. There are no more falling stone traps in this mission, so just follow the path. You'll soon find another ghost, who doesn't want to give up his tablet, despite Kormir's bitchiness. Melonni gives him the honey-is-better-than-vinegar treatment, which convinces Kahdash to help you. However, he dies easily so you have to protect him as he slow-walks his way to the stone pedestal. You don't have to walk with him, however. Even though he's slow as hell he's not slow enough for the enemies to respawn so just banzai through all the enemies between you and the stone pedestal and just wait there for him. After the cinematic, which shows you the weird evil that is corrupting this place, go east into the next area. Go left or right, doesn't matter, you'll soon be down in the water. Kill the first group in the water, then pull the second group away from the Apocrypha to the east. Once they are dead, go beat up the Apocrypha. Ha! See?? I KNEW it was a mesmer! (actually, every time this thing uses "Reform Carvings" it changes its profession to mesmer, dervish, or paragon. Cheating thing!)

It's Getting Kinda Crowded In Here

Corsair Infestation